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Adult Carers


There are around seven million carers in the UK.  That is one in ten people.  This figure is rising, and many people don’t actually realise that they are carers!  Recent events have placed additional pressures on everyone, and Carers have particularly been impacted by the closure of facilities and reduction of support services.


Caring for someone, whether they are elderly, frail, have a life long illness, mental health condition, addiction, or maybe a physical or learning disability, can be very rewarding. It can also be very tiring and stressful and have an impact of the Carer’s own health and wellbeing.


Many people do not think of themselves as Carers. They just do the right thing for the people they love and don’t expect any help. We understand that Carers often experience isolation, stress, guilt and anger, and that caring can be emotionally draining.


As a Carer, do you know what is out there to help support you?  Do you struggle to find a little time for yourself because of your caring responsibilities?  This is where our trained Community Navigators can help. 


Our support is totally free of charge , and by providing emotional and practical support, and information, we aim to ease the stress Carers find themselves under, and help them to feel better equipped for their caring role.  We are also able to carry out Statutory Carers Assessments* , which can help to identify areas where a carer needs additional support.


*Carers who are providing regular and substantial care to someone have a legal right to an assessment of their own needs.


How we can Help


Our Community Navigators will talk to you about your caring role and provide advice, guidance and support.  This will assist you in your caring role, by helping you to maintain your own health and well-being, and to find the right balance between your caring role and your own needs.


We will work with you to develop an individualised support plan and to access relevant resources and support.  We can also support you in the following areas:


  • Benefits & Form Filling
  • Liaise with other professionals
  • Advocacy
  • Additional support at home with Telecare and equipment to empower you and the person you care for
  • Community services
  • Activities, training, and education
  • Meet & Talk Groups
  • Respite from your caring role
  • Telephone Befriending Service



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Online Carers Groups

Calling all Carers!

Do you live in Dartford, Gravesham, Swanley or Swale?

Do you care for someone over 18?

Would you like to meet other Carers?

Or maybe you know someone who would?

Then come and join our online carers Group, held every other week via ZOOM.

Tuesday is our Dementia Carers group and Friday is open to all adult carers.



Meet & Talk Groups

Social groups offering the opportunity to meet other Carers in confidence, and share experiences and encouragement over tea or coffee. We are sometimes able to arrange guest speakers from professional organisations, or art and craft activities.



Time away from your caring role

If there are enough carers who would like to get together for a day out, or maybe some pampering, we can organise trips and activities, to give you a break from your caring role.



Breaks from your caring role (sometimes referred to as respite care)

Caring for somebody can be challenging, so having time to yourself is vital for your own health and wellbeing. When do you get time to have a coffee, go to an appointment, or meet a friend? There are a number of ways that you can take a break from your caring role, and we can help with that by referring you to services that can help at home. 



Caring for someone at end of life

We understand that when you receive the news that someone you care for is nearing the final stages of life you will have a range of feelings and concerns, both for the person you care for and yourself.


It is important to consider your own needs and wellbeing alongside those of the person you care for. You may have questions around what will happen or what to do when the time comes, or be unsure about support available to you and the person you care for.


Our Community Navigators can offer you advice and guidance during this challenging time.



Are you looking after someone who has a drug or alcohol misuse issue?

Are you feeling lonely, angry, fed-up or tired, and not sure where to get help?


Our Community Navigators provide information, advice, practical and emotional support for families, neighbours and friends who are living with the effects of substance misuse.


We will talk to you about your situation, assess your needs and help you access specialist support services.


How to Access the Service


Referrals to the service can be made via GP Practices, health services, Voluntary Sector, or Social Care Professionals.  You can self-refer, using the form below.

GP and health professionals can refer via the following areas:


Dartford, Gravesham, and Swanley:



Referral Form