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Mental Health Awareness Programme

Investing in Young People's Future - Preventing Youth Suicide 


What is safe?

Safe is a youth-led project, which aims to raise awareness of mental health, reduce suicide, breaking down stigma, getting young people to talk about their feelings, recognise the danger signs and to seek support, if, and when they need it. 

The programme includes:

  • Mental Health awareness assemblies and workshops including the danger signs to look out for and challenges the stigmas around mental health.  
  • Safe Ambassadors. Developing the skills of a number of students to become peer ambassadors to campaign and create safe environments in which young people feel able to talk about their feelings and seek help when they need it.  
  • Workshops from a series of 10 PSHE related topics
  • Group Development that improves communication skill and interpersonal relationships through a series of creative sessions that teach Transactional Analysis

We are currently delivering Safe in Medway and the London Borough of Greenwich.

Safe's History

Safe was established in October 2011 in memory of James Naylor, a young man from Brenchley who tragically took his own life at the age of 23. 


Starting from one committee made up of 6 young people in Tonbridge, Safe ran on a very small scale in a number of schools in Kent from 2012 until 2015. We took the learning from this and developed a new model of delivery which put resilience and peer mentoring at the forefront of Safe’s activities in schools.  Subsequently Safe was funded by the Department of Education and successfully worked with 35 schools from Kent, Medway and East Sussex. 

We are now in another exciting stage, offering even more flexibility by partnering directly with some schools, developing a pilot project in primary schools.



“My 13 year old son opened up and talked to me about his feelings after your assembly.  From what he described I think he is depressed.  He lost his father to suicide last year but I thought he was doing okay.  I was a little shocked to hear what is going on for him but I am really pleased he was brave enough to talk to me.  I am really pleased this is happening in this school as I might not have known otherwise.”     - Parent

“We have been privileged to be part of this project. The sessions have been of high quality, relevant and engaging for our young people. It has been an extremely valuable project and the Safe Ambassadors have been a real asset in taking things forward”    - Ms C, Executive Principle

“The professional delivery of sessions gave the students the opportunity to discuss and explore mental health in a more open way than they would have had a teacher been delivering the sessions. This inclusive environment is extremely important for young people as we try to eradicate the stigma of mental health.”  -  Head of Year 9

 “I think mental health awareness is incredibly important in schools, especially schools such as ours where there is a lot of pressure put on the students to achieve academically so I think the SAFE delivery needs to continue.  Thank you ever so much for your help and for coming in to talk to the students!”   - Head of Year 12.


“It made me think about who I am.....”   Young person, year 8.
"You made it informative and got us involved"    Young person, year 7.
“I liked it being interactive and the videos”      Young person, year 9.
“I think it made people more aware of mental illness”  Young person, year 9.   
“This lets me say things I wouldn’t normally be able to talk about”  Young Person Year 10.
“There should be counsellors for everyone”  Young person Year 10.    



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Papyrus is the national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide. Click here for their website.

Thinking of Suicide?