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The current YANA programme has come to an end, and referrals for this service have now closed. Please keep an eye on our website for future updates


You Are Not Alone - Wellbeing support for children and young adults living in Kent



The COVID pandemic has turned lives upsidedown, and  children and young adults have been impacted in ways that affect their mental and physical wellbeing.  In response, Imago has developed an exciting new project , You Are Not Alone (YANA), specifically for children with low level mental health needs.


YANA aims to help children and young adults develop resilience and  emotional wellbeing through a coaching approach . The project raises  awareness of mental health, develops understanding of what that looks like for the individual, and explores what they can do themselves and where they can go for further support.


The YANA project offers:  

  • Online wellbeing and emotional resilience workshops
  • Tailored 1:1 sessions for children  
  • Personalised plans and approaches
  • Information, advice and guidance


The YANA service is for children and young adults who:    

  • Would like to improve their emotional health and wellbeing
  • Want to learn more about themselves and the sorts of things that might help them, now and in the future
  • Would like to be involved in developing this meaningful programme


We know it will make a real difference to children and young adults, both now, and for their future.


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For further information , please contact our Hub team :  

Phone: 0300 011 1965  

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